Guide To Win the SimCity BuildIt Game Without Spending Real Money

If you are looking for some useful tips to win the game of SimCity BuildIt without wasting a single penny from your pocket then, you have to the right place. Because we have just the right tips to guide you through the game of SimCity BuildIt. Just go through the write-up written below, and you will have your answers.

How To Win The SimCity BuildIt Game Without Spending Any Real Money?

It’s time that you stop wondering about how to win the game of SimCity BuildIt without spending real money and implement the ideas. We have compiled a list of guide or tips that can help you win the game without the aid of any real money.

Plan Your Inventory Right: Rather than just increasing the stock of items in the game, you should pay more attention to the items that you need. It’s important that action to your requirements and not just stock up whatever item comes your way.

Sell Off Your Excess: If you want to sell off your extra items then, there is no other better place than the Global Trade HQ in the game. The game allows you to advertise your items within every few minutes which enhance the chances of the item to pop up every time a player accesses their HQ. The more extra you sell off to the Trade HQ, the more extra income you can gain. This way you can keep the cash flowing.

Efficiently Use the Public Buildings: In the game, it is important that you locate your public buildings properly and that too by the residential buildings. That’s because it serves as an important part of the gameplay. With proper placement of your public buildings with your residential buildings, you can increase your income. At the beginning of the game, fire and parks are the two most important public buildings that you need to take care off. As you move ahead in the game, you will obviously unlock more public businesses or buildings and then, you can re-arrange them all again based on the requirement of your city.

Do Not Use Simcash For Timers: No matter what you do in the game but don’t you ever speed up the timer using your Simcash. That’s because it’s never worth it so, there’s obviously no need for you to waste your resources unnecessarily. Most freemium games try to get players into this trap but, you should simply ignore it.

Don’t Overextend Just From The Start: You may feel that you have been provided with a sufficient amount of coins at the beginning of the game when you have just started playing. The feeling will get stronger as you start earning more in the game. However, you shouldn’t be spending more at the start of the game. Instead, you should only focus on few residences in the beginning. As you continue to cross level after level, make sure that you quickly unlock the important requirements, i.e., sewage and water. That’s because it will require a huge amount of capital to unlock and get them running. If you don’t have sufficient amount of money then, it will take a while for you to unlock them. This is why it is advisable that you save up some money from the beginning of the game.

Earn More Through The Citizens: Once you have finished constructing the City Hall, you can get on with the collection of the taxes. The most obvious thing is to log-in at least once in a day so that you can restart the timer and collect taxes. Another obvious that you need to consider is that the happier the citizens of your city, the more is the income. To keep your citizens happy, you need to make sure that you have built them parks, provided them with essential services and so on.

With the help of these abovewritten guides, you can easily improve your chances of winning the game and that too without you having to spend a single penny. So next, a time when you play Simcity Buildit Cheats make sure you follow these guides.

Clash royale cheats- an effective way to earn premium currency

Are you a great fan of a clash of clans? Then you will surely like the new game released by its developer supercell. Clash royale is that new game which has attained greater success just like clash of clans. It is a strategic game that is slightly different than its predecessor. The game is based on cards. Similar to its predecessor, you will also need clash royale cheats to excel there.

The ability to excel in a game depends on the basic knowledge that a player can gain from the tutorials. Players can play in real time with each other. It is already mentioned that it is a card based game, so a player will require more cards to play it further. The card represents spells, units, buildings, etc. cards can be obtained in two ways- earn throughout the game or purchase them with gems and gold. But the whole scene revolves around these currencies.

It is not easy to get currency as a player has to pay money to get the premium currency. Hence, what can help them is clash royale cheats.

What is clash royale’s currency?

The basic currency is gold in the game which is used for the card up gradation or to buy cards. You can find in chests, or by donating cards and using gems. The second currency is a gem that is a premium currency. It helps in opening chests, to get gold or to perform activities that require lots of time. Since it’s a premium currency, you can get it from in-app purchase.

However, one can also get both gems and gold for free using cheats. It is the easy and faster method to obtain the currency that otherwise you would not get. Thousands of players of clash royale use cheats to get them quickly because they don’t want to purchase them.

What is the clash royale hack?

Cheats are the way to get the essential resources of any game easily without spending money on the in-app. Many games require a player to pay to get the resources but cheat let them earn without doing so. Hence, many players are attracted toward it. Many cheats are available that are provided by other developers thus things have become more easy for the users. Every website involves a process to use their generator that generates gems, gold, coins and other premium currency as per the demand of players.

Therefore, it is necessary to learn about these cheats to know the whole process of getting currency.

Learn step by step process-

Similar to other cheats where you have to give username and select the device, follow the same process here also. The second step is to connect the account to the generator. Once the connection is established, enter the desired number of gold and gems. Complete the process by selecting the generate button and wait for some more minutes. The last step is to check your account to verify whether you have received the amount or not. It’s done!

Clash royale cheats works for all devices, and thus users can get the gems and gold. Users can dominate over other players and earn the best cards of the game to play the game. Cheats are the best way to earn currency however a player should remember that the encryption process protects not all of them. One that is well protected and provides the great safety to your in-game account should always be used.

A player should check the website providing clash royale cheats by making a fresh account. Follow the procedure and check whether it’s safe for further use or not. Once found it a genuine website for getting currency, try with your original game account.


Android (Droid) Incredible: My Favorite Smartphone

Frankly, I never thought I would own a smartphone. Sometimes I think I don’t even want a cell phone, much less a smartphone, because I feel like it is a leash. I am loner by nature so there are times when I don’t want anyone to find me. However, now that I am a parent I know I need to be found all the time. I also know it’s nice to have a smartphone in case of an emergency.

In addition, I have found that owning my Droid Incredible smartphone is like carrying a mini-computer around, and for that reason, because I am an Internet junkie and a writer, I love it.

Here are ten things I absolutely love about my Droid Incredible Smartphone.

1. Internet: I love having Internet access on my smartphone which is available to me at all times. I like to be able to Google or Yahoo something whenever I have a question. If I am in a store and considering a purchase, I can search it and find the reviews. If I need a recipe, I can look on What could be easier? I also like to check my blog and Associated Content stats from my smartphone also.

2. Email access at all times: As a writer and a blogger, I’ve become a comment junkie. I can immediately respond to comments from wherever I am.

3. Music downloads for my two year old daughter and my special needs classroom: I have all of my daughter’s favorite music downloaded on my phone. I also use my phone in my special needs classroom. I put it up on a high level pocket chart and attach a mini battery-operated speaker to it. I also use it in transition outside of the classroom. I have students with autism who love to listen to music. We can listen to it while waiting for the bus, on field trips and while waiting for special classes.

4. High resolution camera (8 megapixels) and video camera: This alone made the smartphone well worth the price. Whenever I want to take a picture or video, I just pull it out. It’s great for taking pictures for my writing, blogging and Facebook posts.

5. Mini-Kindle: I love to read and I discovered that I didn’t even need a Kindle. I downloaded the Kindle application free from Amazon onto my laptop and Droid smartphone. Whenever I want to read or want to research something, I just pull it up on my smartphone. I love having my Droid smartphone on the charger by my bed reading while I am going to sleep.

6. Easy to type text messages: It took a while to get used to but now I love the touch keyboard.

7. Visual voicemail: I am a visual person. I like to be able to see who has called rather than listen to every message on my phone.

8. Mobile Hotspot: My Droid smartphone can serve as a 3G mobile hotspot for up to five computers. This is great for mobile laptop use, travel and long road trips. A couple of times when our Internet has been down at home, we have used our smartphones to connect at home. Usually, we have an excellent connection.

9. Barcode Scanner: I really like the barcode scanner on the phone. I use it at home to buy diapers by scanning the brand I currently use. It will then tell me where that particular brand is currently on sale. It’s great! We saved a ton of money with the barcode scanner when we purchased a flat screen television. We scanned the one we want and the phone told us where it was on sale. Great feature!

10. Verizon Navigator Application on my Droid Smartphone: It’s virtually as good or better than any navigation system I’ve used. It has a voice feature in which I can audibly enter my destination or business I am looking for.

What is your favorite smartphone?

Instagram Hack is Beneficial To Businessmen


Instagram Hack: Beneficial To Businessmen

Instagram is trending application or website by which users are able to perform various activities. It is beneficial for all type of individuals such as; professionals, students, businessmen and so on. Similarly, it is an addictive application, at once user start using it after that he/she avail its services on daily basis. Most important thing is it provides complete information without charging any cost. It means no one is liable to pay a single penny. Businessmen can promote their products for business expansion.

Users can make new friends those belong to other countries. Creative people show their skill for getting the attention of other users. You can say that it works as the multi-platform that is full of opportunities for beginners. As we know that in market businessmen face competition that affects their income. Everyone wants to overcome competition and dominate the market. The similar condition appears when it comes to product promotion on this platform. On the other hand, the Instagram hack is available as the solution to the problem. With its help, you can easily hack the account of the competitor and gets information related to its strategies.


Simplest way to avail hacking services

Searching a genuine tool among lots of fake ones is such a daunting task. However; the use of a genuine tool is not so hard, users can avail its services effortlessly. Its whole credit goes to developers of the tool. If you want to avail the services of Instagram hack tool then you are required to complete an easy process. You also say that users need to walk on the short way that acts like a shortcut for reaching the destination quickly. From the following steps it is completely clarified:

Step-1: Click on the button that indicates with Continue or hacks options, it placed on bottom and top of the page.
Step-2: After completing the first step a graphical interface appears and users should follow all instructions.
Step-3: In this step, users should mention required details such as; Username of account that users want to hack.
Step-4: Enable the proxy and press HACK button.
Step-5: Process of hacking is started and within few minutes a notification of success appears.
Step-6: Users get the password of that particular account with this confirmation notification or message.
Step-7: Now users need to use this password and login the account of that person to fulfill desires.

In this simple and short way users can avail hacking services without facing any type of problem. It is the safest and completely risk free path to hack Instagram account of any user.

Check out reviews to clear doubts

Numerous of people are using Instagram hack and make it their first preference. If you have any type of doubt related to it then you should consider its official website. On the website you are able to see or check out lots of positive reviews. These reviews are not fake or scam, these ones are real and given by previous users after availing the services of this particular tool.

Best Frost Death Knight Pvp Arena Talent Spec 0/34/7

This Frost death knight Spec is a great spec with good mobility. Might of the frozen waste is currently too good coupled with 2 hander frost strike spam. The RP generation of the build is huge and you can actually do some pretty good damage at a range.

The next frost death knight pvp arena talent you will get is 3/3 improved icy touch. You will be using this a lot to apply your frost fever. This is a good damage increase to one of your most versatile abilities.

The next frost death knight pvp arena talent you will get is 2/2 icy reach. This is really useful when you are being kited and cc’ed. I find this being useful a lot.

The next frost death knight pvp arena talent you will get is 3/3 annihilation. Obliterate will be you main nuke, so this is very useful when trying to get some burst on your target.

The next frost death knight pvp arena talent you will get is 1/1 lichborne. This is a great tool vs warlocks and mages. It will also allow you to death coil heal, which is a very common tactic now.

The next frost death knight pvp arena talent you will get is 2/2 endless winter. Being able to interrupt for free, and on demand is very important if you are going to land a kill. This is a must have pvp talent.

The next frost death knight pvp arena talent you will get is 2/2 merciless combat. This talent will come into play in cataclysm pvp a lot more than it did in wotlk pvp because you will find more “wounded stat combat” in the expansion.

The next frost death knight pvp arena talent you will get is 2/2 chill of the grave. This is a great RP generator. This tree thrives on runic power.

The next frost death knight pvp arena talent you will get is 3/3 killing machine. This is a great RNG burst talent and is very useful when you couple it with the right move.

The next frost death knight pvp arena talent you will get is 3/3 rime. This makes obliterate spam to almost always reset your HB, this is a great tool.

The next frost death knight pvp arena talent you will get is 1/1 pillar of frost. I actually really like this talent, but it should be more oriented with slows also.

The next frost death knight pvp arena talent you will get is 1/1 improved icy talons. This is a great talent and only for 1 point.

The next frost death knight pvp arena talent you will get is 2/2 brittle bones. This is a great damage increase for 2 point.

The next frost death knight pvp arena talent you will get is 2/2 chilblains. With COI only being a 60% slow, this will allow you to only use icy touch and glyphed howling blast to keep your slow on and free up more room for damage in your rotation.

The next frost death knight pvp arena talent you will get is 1/1 hungering cold. I love this talent, and is a great cc to land a kill. I think this goes very well with another dps class for double dps 2v2.

The next frost death knight pvp arena talent you will get is 2/2 improved frost presence. This gives a large damage bonus and is a must have for 2 points.

The next frost death knight pvp arena talent you will get is 3/3 might of the frozen wastes. This is currently overpowered at 100 runic power approximately every 6 seconds. That makes for this one talent to be providing 14 RP per second.

The next frost death knight pvp arena talent you will get is 1/1 howling blast. This is a very strong ranged attack that i hope does not meet the sweeping AE nerfs.


The next frost unholy death knight pvp arena talent you will get is 3/3 virulence. You will be glad you picked this up to cap your spell hit.

The next frost unholy death knight pvp arena talent you will get is 2/3 epidemic. The extra 12 seconds on this means 42 second diseases, which is great for pvp, and when they are dispelled, you can pretty much instantly reapply them with resilient infection.

The next frost unholy death knight pvp arena talent you will get is 2/2 resilient infection. This is a god send for frost and blood death knights. This will actually allow you to be competitive in pvp.

-Brandon C. aka. Darksun22

Neopets 2011 Neopies: What was the “Best New Game” of 2010?

Day Two of the Neopets Neopies asks you to vote for the best new game; none of them are amongst my favorites for newly added games but I went with Kookia since there were some nice prizes for it when it was in the New Game Challenge and when it was part of the Game Master Challenge. Voting only takes a couple of seconds and if you vote every single day of the event you will earn a special prize (at least that is what TNT has been saying).
Day Two Voting: Best New Game
Choices: Hannah and the Kreludor Caves, Jumpin’ Gem Heist, Kookia, Neopian Battlefield Legends
My Prize: Bottled Water Faerie

Yesterday I listed some of the prizes that people were getting when voting, here are even more goodies that were given out: “Speak Tyrannian”, “Spiky Orange Murex Shell”, “How To Make Mud Sculptures”, “Big Book of Verb Conjugation”, “Meerca Rodeo”, “Pink Sun Hat”, “Autumnal Decorating Book”, “Gelert Day Party Ideas”, “Kentari Stamp”, “Honey Blossom Extract”, various Codestones, various Bottled Faeries, “Magic for Beginners”, “The Curse Of The Pirate Aisha” and “Hanging Vines”.

With any luck the end of event prizes will be something related to the Neopies. Last time around the daily voting rewarded us with theme specific items. Some of those are selling well at this point in time. Some of the ones that have shown a huge spike over the past 72 hours include: “Second Annual Neopies – Whos Who”, “Sparkling Neopie Cider”, “Neopies Backstage Pass”, “Award Show Snack Pack”, “Neopies Winner Envelope”, “Neopie Statue Vinyl Figure” and “2nd Annual Neopies Awards Commemorative Program”.

There’s no way to know if we are going to see the above prizes resurface again this year but I’m not going to sell all of my Neopie related things just yet. Newer players don’t know the value of some of the items that they are getting for voting so if you are a hoarder you are probably going to want to start a list of prizes and check the Shop Wizard for inexpensive items.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Video Game Review

Much like the movie it was based on, EA’s game “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” is not the best in the series. A couple of elements were improved upon, but overall the game is missing too many things that were present in the earlier games as well as the latest one, “Order of the Phoenix.” That doesn’t mean it is without merit, simply that longtime fans of the game series were somewhat disappointed with it.
The plot itself mirrors that of the book and movie by the same name. However, the way the plot and cutscenes are showcased is sorely lacking in entertainment value. Rather than utilizing traditional animated cutscenes, the game inserts stiff, storyboard-type pictures between levels, throwing in some audio narration that makes it seem even more like a child’s picture book. This method of storytelling is bland and unimaginative and makes the plot secondary to everything else, which it may be for many gamers but most definitely is not for Potter fans. Additionally, it doesn’t make a lot of sense not to use real cutscenes since one of the few things this game has been praised for is its improved graphics.

Visually, “Goblet of Fire” is a feast for the eyes. Everything is better, from the movements of the playable characters to the details of Hogwarts Castle. Unfortunately, the player is not allowed much room to appreciate these improvements. The game is set up to be played on a level-by-level basis. No free exploration is allowed, even though that is one of the best elements in all of the other games in the series. There are a few minigames accessible from the menu, but the way it is all set up makes the entire game feel disconnected and abstract. None of the levels relate to each other in any tangible way, and each of them must be replayed in order to obtain all hidden objects, making it confusing for newer Potter fans to recognize which events were supposed to happen first. In fact, it’s difficult to see any sort of connection between this game and the original story. The playable levels resemble the castle and story of the book in only the most obscure fashion, as if the designers were given a description of the sets from the movie and a few vague plot points and told to make it up as they go along.

Other than the improved graphics, the best thing about this game is the co-op play. Playing solo is not impossible but can be rather difficult when particular enemies are encountered or the minigames are attempted. Some situations require help from a consciousness other than the PS2, one that can think clearly enough to avoid shooting a spell at the wrong target. Additionally, it is a great deal of fun to have one of your friends play one of Harry’s friends while you’re running around as the hero. This innovation in the series is worth playing the game through once just to enjoy working together on your spell-casting.

The usual spells are at your disposal, including Wingardium Leviosa and Incendio. The same spell cast at the same target by two or three of the playable characters is often necessary to defeat certain monsters or puzzles, which is where co-op comes in handy. Mostly, the game involves running around and defeating a number of different creatures while searching for the very difficult-to-see hidden statues and other objects. The game can be completed without them, which may be useful for easily frustrated players, as there is no specific list for each level to tell you what you’re looking for or how many you need to find. Luckily, such a list can be found on the internet, courtesy of some very determined players.

Of course, the final climactic level involves fighting Voldemort himself. This level looks and feels closer to the movie than any of the others but is far too short when compared to the amount of time that must be spent going back through previous levels in order to achieve that coveted 100% completion. Defeating the evil wizard is also far too easy when compared to the fights you must endure with such lower creatures as the blast-ended skrewts.

What it all boils down to is a game with some fun elements but virtually no connection to the series it was meant to be a part of. As it consists of a limited number of levels with no freedom of movement around the majority of the castle and none of the beloved RPG elements, the game’s replay value is extremely small, almost non-existent. If the developers were aiming for a short game whose only purpose was to get Potter fans to play together and talk about the movie, they succeeded. It may also have had the added bonus of introducing new Potter fans to the game series since it’s more action-oriented, assuming that they would buy “Goblet of Fire” without having purchased the rest of the games. One of the best things that can be said about this one is “It’s not all bad.” As long as you don’t go into it expecting too much, you won’t be too disappointed.

Balanced Clash Royale Gaming

As a player, you will have a deck of cards. There are three decks that you can assemble and keep ready to help you to fight. Balance the desk properly with Elixir troops that are a mix of the high and the low and a mix of the air and the ground. You should have a combination of cards like the cheap and the rich ones. You need to save on your gold and save them up as you progress in the game. If you are a beginner, these hints will help.

Balanced Poise

If you are able to destroy a tower, you tend to gain advantage over your opponent. But if you lose a tower, don’t panic. Put up a good defense, so that the enemy cannot proceed further. If the opponent is attacking you, do not unleash all your powers but plan strategically and follow up, by a good attack. Patient planning is more dangerous than implicit attack. Sometimes you will need to lose a little, to gain a good footing, through proper attack. The Elixir is most important in playing the game. Hence use it judiciously. Be constantly award of the time left, while the game is going on. The first 60 seconds is most important to gain advantage. After three minutes, the count of the number of crowns is important. Hence, be careful while planning attacks, giving importance to timing.

Building a Balanced Deck

Even as a beginner, you should know that having a good balanced deck is essential to winning. All cards should be made to work together, in attaining a win.  You should also balance the defensive and the offensive strategy, while playing in all situations. Certain cards can destroy one enemy while certain cards can destroy multiple units. Barbarian and Musketeer are usually chosen for high damage strategies while Baby Dragon and Witch can damage multiple units. By having a combination of these damaging units, you can save on your elixir and your game. Balance can be maintained through ranged troops and melee troops. Ranged troops can cause high damage while the melee troops can be a shield against such high damage troops. Musketeer, Spear Goblins and Archers are range troops, while Prince, Knight, P.E.K.K.A, Barbarians are melee troops.  There should be a balance in the Elixir too. By having a balanced deck, your Elixir will be averagely placed. You can also have a balance between the damage inflictors and the splash damage inflictors. HP cards, Spell Cards and defensive structure card should also be rightly included. With the cards that are fit for air targets, aerial attackers can be faced; with spell cards such as arrows and lightning, you can plan strategies from behind; with defensive structure such as Goblin Hut, Bomb Tower or Tombstone, you can slow down the game while you try to gain Elixir.

Balanced Game

As you progress in the game, you learn to balance yourself against throwing up all your aces at the most vulnerable moment. Use combinations that are more powerful and help each other. A balanced game requires a good amount of clash royale gems. But with Clash Royale Hack, you will not run out of gems or out of gold nor will you have to spend a cent to buy these resources to play the game. The Clash Royale Hack gets you free Gem, free Gold and free Elixir. You can get these resources, any number of times. With these resources, you can use the cards with better dexterity as you will have a balanced mind to approach the game calmly. As the hack works around the clock, you can use them whenever you require these resources. As the Clash Royale Cheats need not be downloaded, they do not contain any virus or any other code to dupe you. They are original and harmless. You can try them by clicking on the buttons, to check if you can gain access to the game. These hack tools can be used on any mobile phones such as iOS or Android phones. As the game lasts for only 3 minutes, you should plan your strategies well and quickly. Time is of the essence and you need as many resources to win the challenges, to gain gems and gold. As a beginner, you may find it tough to gain access to the gold and the gems. Hence, by using the hack tools, you can easily gain advantage over the game and get more knowledge, by experimenting with the free gems and gold. Playing Clash Royale is free, but when you are in need of gold, you need the help of the Clash Royale Hack.

How to Decide on a Video Game Console

So, you’ve been looking at the newest video game consoles, but don’t know which one is right for you? Well, there are quite a few factors that need to be taken into consideration. Some of these things are price, games, reliability, and overall fun. You definitely don’t want to buy something you’re not happy with, so let’s start looking at our options.
Today’s current consoles are the Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, and the Nintendo Wii. If you’ve been following any of the gaming news, you’ll find that the Wii is the most popular. That doesn’t mean it’s right for you. As a matter of fact, I play my Xbox 360 far more than my Wii. Each one offers a little something different. The Wii gives you more interaction with game, which is one of the reasons it’s so popular. It definitely opens up many possibilities to gaming. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are more of a powerhouse. They’ve got more advanced graphics, A.I., and far better online play. Of course, more advanced technology comes with more of a price. Let’s take a closer look at the consoles now.

The Nintendo Wii is the cheapest of all 3, at the price of $250.00. It also has a lot of games, fun, interactive controls, and just a completely new way to have fun. The Wii is also more family oriented. If you take a look at the games, you will hardly find any “hardcore” games. Most involve a bunch of little mini games. However, there are some, like The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Resident Evil 4, and Metroid Prime: Corruption, that will appeal to the more “hardcore” gamer. Most games I’ve played are just boring, in general; the controls used seem like more of a gimmick than anything else. Comparing the Wii to its competitor’s graphics will leave you with much disappointment. There’s hardly any improvement over the Nintendo Gamecube. The Wii also doesn’t come with a disc drive to play normal DVDs. If you want a more universal console, the Wii is not your thing. Don’t completely throw the idea of the Wii away, though. There are some great games that will keep you playing for weeks on end. If you really want to have a great time, buy Rock Band and invite a few friends over. The Wii also has internal wi-fi card, so getting online will be no problem. Playing online is free, as well. Just hope you can find online game that’s worth your while.

Moving on to the Microsoft Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 came out a year before it’s competitors. This gave it an advantage in the beginning, but the soon discovered “Red Ring of Death” problem caused a lot of negative feedback. The “Red Ring of Death” is a hardware failure that almost every Xbox 360 console will receive. Luckily, Microsoft extended the warranty to 3 years for this problem, so you shouldn’t have to buy a new one for a while. One of the biggest advantages of coming out a year early is the game selection. The Xbox 360 has, by far, the largest amount of games. Most games you will find on the Xbox 360 are shooters, which may not be your style. If you’re an RPG fan, you will be disappointed, as there are not many RPGs for the Xbox 360. One of the best parts of the Xbox 360 is Xbox Live. Xbox Live is the Xbox’s online community. There are, basically, two types of Xbox Live memberships. You’ve got your free Silver membership and your Gold membership, which costs a fee. With Gold you can play online and download new demos the day they come out. With the free Silver membership, you cannot play games online and you have to wait to download new demos. Luckily, Gold is not a huge fee. You can buy a year’s membership for $50.00, which isn’t bad. As many Xbox 360 games have an online mode in them, it is definitely worth the money. You can also voice chat, video chat, and send messages to Xbox Live friends. Xbox Live is definitely the best console online community. Unfortunately, the Xbox 360 does not have an internal wi-fi device. You will have to buy an external one for $100.00, or use a cord to connect directly to your modem. There’s also a few options when you buy your Xbox 360 console. This can become a little confusing when trying to figure out what you want. Just ask an employee about the differences with each one and you can decide which will work best for yourself.

Now we’re on to our final console, the Sony PlayStation 3. The first thing you’ll notice when looking at this console is the price. The cheapest version is $399.99. However, compared to the more expensive Xbox 360 version, this isn’t such a bad deal. Unlike the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 is on par with the Wii’s internal wi-fi card. The PlayStation 3 also comes with a Blu-Ray drive. This allows game developers to fit as much as 50GB of space on a disc, unlike the 8.5GB that the Xbox 360 and Wii can use. The PlayStation 3 also has free online play, but much better than Nintendo’s. It’s still not as good as Xbox Live, however. The PlayStation 3 is also the most powerful console. Although it hasn’t really been shown, the PlayStation 3 is capable of a lot. One of the main problems is the lack of games. It costs developers a lot of money to create PlayStation 3 games, which obviously effects the amount of games that are made. You’ll also find, by reading various reviews, that most PlayStation 3 games aren’t all that great. So even if your getting a lot for your money, there might not be enough games to make it worth your while.

Well, I hope the information I’ve given you will help you decide which video game console is right for you. Happy gaming!

Card Types in Yu Gi Oh Duel Links

YU GI OH is a Japanese word and it is derived from a boy name that solves the puzzle easily. It is trading card game in which two players can play the card battle. Many people can play this game because now a day’s everyone having their own devices. Children also play this game in nice manner and if they understand the rules of this game.

There are different types of card need to use to play the game and behind the each card you can see the picture is placed to identify its type. Every card has a name according to its picture. There are many cards and many decks used to play and deck means collection of cards in which you need to select one deck.

In this Yu Gi Oh Duel Links game you need to attack the opponent player with the help of card power. Each card gives a different power to you. If you win the game then you will get some rewards, coins, gems and new card also. Gems can be used to buy some of the card packet to improve your game. You can exchange your card using stone and coins.

Different experience:

Yu Gi Oh Duel Links game can be played through your mobile also and you can enjoy different experience with your friends too. In some cases it can provide some opportunity to win some special card like the dragon of destruction or you can also unlock the best cards by using the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack – Unlimited Free Gems & Gold, which is free to use. There are some other events to get a chance to unlock when you reach to the higher levels.

This game is very different from other game because this game creates a battle between the players. It also provides you a special power to defect your opponent. There are many stages in this game and each stages are very unique and with different environment. While playing this game you can obtain some powers through your cards which are very helpful to defect your opponent and you can also enjoy the power which you obtain from that cards.

All people can enjoy this game and you can also play it as a multi player game and you can also enjoy the different environment and win a battle by single play or multi play mode. Likewise games can be played for time pass but while playing this game you will involve yourself as a character and try to win in this battle.