As a player, you will have a deck of cards. There are three decks that you can assemble and keep ready to help you to fight. Balance the desk properly with Elixir troops that are a mix of the high and the low and a mix of the air and the ground. You should have a combination of cards like the cheap and the rich ones. You need to save on your gold and save them up as you progress in the game. If you are a beginner, these hints will help.

Balanced Poise

If you are able to destroy a tower, you tend to gain advantage over your opponent. But if you lose a tower, don’t panic. Put up a good defense, so that the enemy cannot proceed further. If the opponent is attacking you, do not unleash all your powers but plan strategically and follow up, by a good attack. Patient planning is more dangerous than implicit attack. Sometimes you will need to lose a little, to gain a good footing, through proper attack. The Elixir is most important in playing the game. Hence use it judiciously. Be constantly award of the time left, while the game is going on. The first 60 seconds is most important to gain advantage. After three minutes, the count of the number of crowns is important. Hence, be careful while planning attacks, giving importance to timing.

Building a Balanced Deck

Even as a beginner, you should know that having a good balanced deck is essential to winning. All cards should be made to work together, in attaining a win.  You should also balance the defensive and the offensive strategy, while playing in all situations. Certain cards can destroy one enemy while certain cards can destroy multiple units. Barbarian and Musketeer are usually chosen for high damage strategies while Baby Dragon and Witch can damage multiple units. By having a combination of these damaging units, you can save on your elixir and your game. Balance can be maintained through ranged troops and melee troops. Ranged troops can cause high damage while the melee troops can be a shield against such high damage troops. Musketeer, Spear Goblins and Archers are range troops, while Prince, Knight, P.E.K.K.A, Barbarians are melee troops.  There should be a balance in the Elixir too. By having a balanced deck, your Elixir will be averagely placed. You can also have a balance between the damage inflictors and the splash damage inflictors. HP cards, Spell Cards and defensive structure card should also be rightly included. With the cards that are fit for air targets, aerial attackers can be faced; with spell cards such as arrows and lightning, you can plan strategies from behind; with defensive structure such as Goblin Hut, Bomb Tower or Tombstone, you can slow down the game while you try to gain Elixir.

Balanced Game

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