You’ve seen the commercials (especially if they saw the Super Bowl) that have passed Scrolled Facebook ads, and you probably have at least one friend or a child playing at the moment.

It is a game that pulls some of the oldest forms of table games and mixed in Always online games and free look fast to create an experience that how quickly sucks in even if you never spend a dime.

Consider this your crash course clash of clans of all of what you can expect after installing which device is best for maximum enjoyment.

In essence, the clash of clans – available on google play – is a strategy game whose primary goal is to be the person with the most trophies. You win trophies and be successful people attacking another person, or successfully defend against an attack by another player online. By winning more trophies, climb the ranks and compared with opponents of equal or greater skill. To get there, it will take either a little time and some money to upgrade his people train their soldiers, and develop the best strategies for offense and defense, you can also acquire the best upgrades with clash of clans free gems .

Clash of Clans Build

Like the classic board games, Crash Guild divided into two phases – Build and Action. The game is not broken explicitly about these two modes, but not much to see where the boundaries are. The construction phase is all about setting his people in the best way possible. Its builders build, using gold and purple elixir as currency.

As your population grows and improves, you have the ability to create new buildings that give access to new tools for offensive or defensive. Growth people typically centers on leveling up your local council, which means that the population will grow in stages.

Can store up sufficient resources to upgrade the town hall, and go to the next time re-organization of its people to seize new things you have at your disposal. Like any system based on the level, this happens quickly at first but becomes orders of magnitude more difficult with each level up.

The defense of his people is a big part of the construction phase, as the enemy attacks do not happen in real time as a tower defense game. You receive a notice after the fact that tells someone that has attacked, and there is a repetition of the assault available for you to see.

As a result, you have to set the appropriate defenses and do your best to anticipate what they are more likely to make their opponents. (Occasionally you can catch someone in the act, but this is the exception rather than the rule.) If an enemy has destroyed you, the people will rebuild itself once played in the tombs that appear on the screen, but you have lost the two trophies and resources in the process. Also, you have a shield on his people attacking other people for a while, which usually gives you time to re-think their current design or improve their defenses.

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