This time around I’d like to introduce you to a very cute game, that’s getting more and more popular as kids’ game but it’s also played by hundreds of thousands of adults too. The Dragon City Mobile app is available for IPhone and for Android or can be played on Desktop straight through Facebook.  The Mobile game is free to download and play and it’s most importantly a really easy game to comprehend to and play.

As for its storyline, dragon city is perfect for those who like the series „ how to train your dragon? „ because it’s almost entirely based on that idea. You have dragons of many species which you need to breed, grow, observe, learn their qualities, train them and finally, have them fight other dragons. The core idea of the game is basically to train them how to fight to their best abilities. In today’s game there are over a hundred different species of dragons, with each one having a different look and a very different way of acting.  Dragon City is a multiplayer game which means that you need to get connected to other players in the community to help each other in breeding, training and fighting.  The base of the whole is an island where your dragons live according to their species’ preferences.

Each one of the dragon species are very different but first you need to learn the core characteristics, so that you can understand each specie better.

The graphics of the game are quite elaborate, very colorful and we can say that it will transfer you to your very own fantasy world. It is addictive because in order to develop, you need to feed your dragons at least once a day.

What sort of hacks are available for this game online?

Thanks to Dragon City being highly successful there are two key ways for you to get to trusted apps online:

  • Via online search – these are the mobile websites that work with script based solution to reach your own platform and then upload the desired number and types of gemstones.
  • Via more trusted or official Dragon City fan-sites and blog sites, which often post about hacks and where to find these the easiest way.  These are highly suggested because they most often than not also contain lots of realistic reviews on hacks and lots of links to better hacking sites.
  • Dragon City also has its own large official fan site on Facebook where you can also look around to see what tips or cheats they offer in certain stages of the game.
  • ITunes and Android stores also have a couple of dragon city cheats or hacks to download for these games from time to time. Although these may not be absolutely legal, if they are acknowledged rather as a help than as a cheat then it’s likely some of them will stay on longer.

Last but not least remember to trust on the sites which have realistic promises, instead of the unlimited ones which may as well be frauds.

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