If you are looking for some useful tips to win the game of SimCity BuildIt without wasting a single penny from your pocket then, you have to the right place. Because we have just the right tips to guide you through the game of SimCity BuildIt. Just go through the write-up written below, and you will have your answers.

How To Win The SimCity BuildIt Game Without Spending Any Real Money?

It’s time that you stop wondering about how to win the game of SimCity BuildIt without spending real money and implement the ideas. We have compiled a list of guide or tips that can help you win the game without the aid of any real money.

Plan Your Inventory Right: Rather than just increasing the stock of items in the game, you should pay more attention to the items that you need. It’s important that action to your requirements and not just stock up whatever item comes your way.

Sell Off Your Excess: If you want to sell off your extra items then, there is no other better place than the Global Trade HQ in the game. The game allows you to advertise your items within every few minutes which enhance the chances of the item to pop up every time a player accesses their HQ. The more extra you sell off to the Trade HQ, the more extra income you can gain. This way you can keep the cash flowing.

Efficiently Use the Public Buildings: In the game, it is important that you locate your public buildings properly and that too by the residential buildings. That’s because it serves as an important part of the gameplay. With proper placement of your public buildings with your residential buildings, you can increase your income. At the beginning of the game, fire and parks are the two most important public buildings that you need to take care off. As you move ahead in the game, you will obviously unlock more public businesses or buildings and then, you can re-arrange them all again based on the requirement of your city.

Do Not Use Simcash For Timers: No matter what you do in the game but don’t you ever speed up the timer using your Simcash. That’s because it’s never worth it so, there’s obviously no need for you to waste your resources unnecessarily. Most freemium games try to get players into this trap but, you should simply ignore it.

Don’t Overextend Just From The Start: You may feel that you have been provided with a sufficient amount of coins at the beginning of the game when you have just started playing. The feeling will get stronger as you start earning more in the game. However, you shouldn’t be spending more at the start of the game. Instead, you should only focus on few residences in the beginning. As you continue to cross level after level, make sure that you quickly unlock the important requirements, i.e., sewage and water. That’s because it will require a huge amount of capital to unlock and get them running. If you don’t have sufficient amount of money then, it will take a while for you to unlock them. This is why it is advisable that you save up some money from the beginning of the game.

Earn More Through The Citizens: Once you have finished constructing the City Hall, you can get on with the collection of the taxes. The most obvious thing is to log-in at least once in a day so that you can restart the timer and collect taxes. Another obvious that you need to consider is that the happier the citizens of your city, the more is the income. To keep your citizens happy, you need to make sure that you have built them parks, provided them with essential services and so on.

With the help of these abovewritten guides, you can easily improve your chances of winning the game and that too without you having to spend a single penny. So next, a time when you play Simcity Buildit Cheats make sure you follow these guides.

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