Day Two of the Neopets Neopies asks you to vote for the best new game; none of them are amongst my favorites for newly added games but I went with Kookia since there were some nice prizes for it when it was in the New Game Challenge and when it was part of the Game Master Challenge. Voting only takes a couple of seconds and if you vote every single day of the event you will earn a special prize (at least that is what TNT has been saying).
Day Two Voting: Best New Game
Choices: Hannah and the Kreludor Caves, Jumpin’ Gem Heist, Kookia, Neopian Battlefield Legends
My Prize: Bottled Water Faerie

Yesterday I listed some of the prizes that people were getting when voting, here are even more goodies that were given out: “Speak Tyrannian”, “Spiky Orange Murex Shell”, “How To Make Mud Sculptures”, “Big Book of Verb Conjugation”, “Meerca Rodeo”, “Pink Sun Hat”, “Autumnal Decorating Book”, “Gelert Day Party Ideas”, “Kentari Stamp”, “Honey Blossom Extract”, various Codestones, various Bottled Faeries, “Magic for Beginners”, “The Curse Of The Pirate Aisha” and “Hanging Vines”.

With any luck the end of event prizes will be something related to the Neopies. Last time around the daily voting rewarded us with theme specific items. Some of those are selling well at this point in time. Some of the ones that have shown a huge spike over the past 72 hours include: “Second Annual Neopies – Whos Who”, “Sparkling Neopie Cider”, “Neopies Backstage Pass”, “Award Show Snack Pack”, “Neopies Winner Envelope”, “Neopie Statue Vinyl Figure” and “2nd Annual Neopies Awards Commemorative Program”.

There’s no way to know if we are going to see the above prizes resurface again this year but I’m not going to sell all of my Neopie related things just yet. Newer players don’t know the value of some of the items that they are getting for voting so if you are a hoarder you are probably going to want to start a list of prizes and check the Shop Wizard for inexpensive items.

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