From a great movie comes a great game. If you’ve watched the movie you will basically be running through the same plot, but this time you have a total control. Revenge of the Fallen is way better than the “The Game”. The graphics and game play compared to the first one is far different. The game play is much simpler and the objectives are not that hard to achieve.
There are ways on how you can finish each mission without having to do them over and over again. Here are codes that automatically complete every mission you desire:

All Cairo Mission and Zones – [RB], [Y],
All Deep 6 Mission and Zones – [X], [RB], [Y], [B],
All East Coast Mission and Zones – [RB], [LB], [RB],
All Shanghai Mission and Zones – [Y], [LB], [RB], [LB], [Y],
All West Coast Mission and Zones – [LB], [RB], [RB], [Y], [RB], [B]

In every battle you will be gaining points and there will be certain upgrades for you to aim better and damage your opponent with stronger weapons. If you can’t wait to get the maximum upgrade just enter [LB], [Y], [LB], [B], [X], [X] this will give you all upgrades. Having full upgrade is also different from the override mode. In the override mode, your character will be stronger. To be in override mode all of the time, just enter
[LB], [B], [LB],
In defeating enemies, you get certain amounts of Energon. In order to get extra Energon when defeating enemies, just enter [Y], [X], [B], [RB],
Single Player Mode:(All of these codes are for Single Player mode only)

In single player mode, you can choose from different robots. But you should try the G1 version of these robots. You can activate 2 G1 robots in the single player mode.

G1 Ironhide – [LB], [RB], [RB],
G1 Starscream – [B],
If you want to play a role in Single Player as a Autobot Protectobot Scout MP in Autobot based just enter [RB], [LB], [LB], [Y], [X],
And if you want to play as a Decepticon Seeker Warrior MP in Decepticon based
[X], [Y], [X], [LB],
Multiplayer Mode: (All of these codes are for Multiplayer mode only)

If you want something new in the multiplayer mode, you can active 2 special robots.

Golden Megatron – [Down], [Up], [Right], [Right], [Left], [Up]

Golden Optimus Prime- [Up], [Down], [Left], [Left], [Right], [Down]

Article Resource: Ryan Austria

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